Timeless Zeitgeist

Sunday, June 5, 2016 at 7:00 PM DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center, Reid Park

Wakeup - Painting by Stephanie von Fürstenberg
Timeless Zeitgeist is the latest project of ACOUSTICOLORS. Timeless Zeitgeist is the name of a CD comprising 10 classical crossover pieces, it is also the name of a 15 minutes suite that contains 10 phrases taking its audience on a musical life journey and - last but not least - Timeless Zeitgeist is the working title for an audio-visual event. The keynotes of this project are hope and harmony. This great music in combination with the awe-inspiring paintings of famous German artist Stephanie von Fürstenberg, enchanting ballet scenes and breathtaking impressions of Nature create magic, beauty and regeneration beyond compare. 

In collaboration with his friend and musical partner Martin Jaeger,  Peter E. Mueller-Kovacs composed and arranged 10 pieces in the style of classical symphonic crossover. 

Martin's compositions 'Sebastian's Dream', 'See You In Vienna Rag' and 'Philia' feature a distinct Ragtime flavor hinting at Martin's great passion for this particular music era. His compositions bring Ragtime into the 21st century.

The eponymous suite Timeless Zeitgeist premieres at the established 'Music Under The Stars' concert in Tucson Arizona, on June 5, 2016. This premiere is a crucial next step for the whole Timeless Zeitgeist project.

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